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美星幼儿园外高桥园区 SHANGHAI Star Horizon Kindergarten WAIGAOQIAO



A carefree childhood with freedom of exploration – Star Horizon Kindergarten Waigaoqiao Campus

Star Horizon kindergarten is located at the heart of Waigaoqiao New town. Based on the practices of a child-centered design philosophy, a new set of child-sized central staircase is implemented into the space, connecting the entire kindergarten from the first level to the third. With the stairs as the center, several open interactive areas for children are formed in the surrounding space. The central stairs not only ensure the safety of the children going up or down, but also forms a focal point around this functional space. STEAM teaching area, media library, art classroom, and dance classroom of the kindergarten are scattered around the core area of the central staircase, forming a flexible functional streamline and a unique combination of activities.

项目地点 Location

上海 Shangha

项目类别 Category

室内设计 Interior

建筑面积 Floor Area

9,500 sqm