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When the aroma is preserved through distillation, when the oil drops are sealed in the small brown glass bottle, when the bottle reaches the hands of the users, the story of essential oils has already begun.


This is the brand new flagship store of doTERRA essential oils, located in the center of Shanghai. The space hosts multiple functions, not limited to product displacement, essential oil experience, and space reservation for events.


The deconstruction vocabulary is used in the space planning stage to emphasize a very representative profile of doTERRA – essential oil bottles. By reflecting the shape of the enlarged bottle on the floor plan and taking advantage of the existing colonnades on the site, designers created a central space full of natural light and other surrounding areas to fulfill all the functional needs.

项目地点 Location

上海 Shanghai

项目类别 Category

室内设计 Interior

建筑面积 Floor Area

1,050 sqm