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威雅公学实验学校是英国威雅公学在中国的姐妹学校,是一所从幼儿园到高中的学校。 位于常州市的校区里,设计师对学校的幼儿园进行了扩建。在整体的设计中,设计师尽量的减少转折墙带来的棱角,把每间教室尽可能都包成圆弧型,更好的保护小朋友们的安全。基于长条型的平面,我们在贯穿整个场地的中心走廊里用吸音的天花垂片做了波浪形的吊顶,利用颜色和形态的变化给长长的走廊带来些乐趣。每间教室内经可能的保留了最大的自然光源,并且建造了独立的木头小树屋让小朋友们可以尽情的玩耍。

Wycombe Abbey school in China is a sister school of the UK’s Wycombe Abbey. The school caters to students from kindergarten to high school. This new kindergarten expansion project is within the Changzhou campus. In the overall design, the designer tries to reduce the sharp edges of walls by curving them as much as better protect the safety of these children. Due to the long and narrow floor plan created by the building shape, we used sound absorbing ceiling pieces to create a wavy effect in the central corridor that runs through the entire space. Using colour and the shape variation, designers bring a bit of fun into the space. Each classroom, maximum natural sunlight is maintained, and designers also built a wood tree house for each class, providing a more playful area for children.

项目地点 Location

常州 Changzhou

项目类别 Category

室内设计 Interior

建筑面积 Floor Area

1,200 sqm