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远景科技集团(Envision Group)是一家领先的绿色科技企业。以“为人类的可持续未来解决挑战”为使命,集团旗下拥有智能风电科技企业远景能源、智能电池企业远景动力(Envision AESC)、开发全球先进智能物联操作系统的远景智能,以及远景电动方程式车队。远景持续推动风电和光伏成为“新煤炭”,电池和氢燃料成为“新石油”,智能物联网成为“新电网”,零碳产业园成为“新基建”,同时培育绿色“新工业”体系,开创美好零碳世界。


Helping Zero Carbon – Envision Group’s Future Zero Carbon Showroom and Office Design

Envision Group is a leading green technology company. With the mission of “solving challenges for a sustainable future for humanity”, the Group owns Envision Energy, a smart wind power technology company, Envision AESC, a smart battery company, Envision Intelligence, which develops global advanced smart IOT operating systems, and the Envision Electric Formula Team. Envision continues to promote wind power and PV as the “new coal”, batteries and hydrogen fuel as the “new oil”, smart IoT as the “new grid”, and zero carbon industrial park as the “At the same time, we will cultivate a green “new industry” system to create a better zero-carbon world.

EVA Architecture works closely with Vision Tech to create a humanized, digital and green office environment for Vision Tech’s Inner Mongolia office, inspired by the ENVISION smart fan.

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呼和浩特 Hohhot

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室内设计 Interior

建筑面积 Floor Area

1,220 sqm