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The design for the school in the Iraqi Marches is a combination of education institution and water treatment plant. This combination aims to solve existing issues for the region: lack of water, backward education conditions and diminishing wetlands. Students from this primary school are provided with sufficient drinking water supply and picturesque landscape while they enjoy the modern education facilities.Classrooms are both dynamic and static. Classrooms are boats while transporting students and faculty to school in the morning. However, these boats can be berthed at the harbor during class time and remain static for the time being. In addition, events held in classrooms are seasonal. During school holidays, classrooms can serve as mobile community schools to neighboring communities. The static and dynamic nature of these classrooms offers possibility of diversifying the space. Classrooms are modularized and standardized for mass production. The façades of the school buildings are fabricated with vernacular, organic and sustainable material called reeds that is readily available in the area.

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伊拉克 Iraqi

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规划 Planning

奖项 Award

2018 Tamayouz Excellence Award