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花鸟岛上的灯塔部落 Huaniaodao tourist terminal


The project is located in Huaniao Island of Shengsi Archipelago in Zhoushan, Zhejiang. With the rise of tourism, the southern wing of the island has exceeded its capacity. In the future, a passenger terminal will be built on the northern side of the island to divert more than half of the ferries to the north.

The architect studied the time trajectory of the boat schedule and passengers, combined the basic functions of the dock, ticket office, and waiting room with cafe and experiential art workshop to create a new transportation distribution centre. The architect hopes that when travellers arrive at the island by boat and arrive at the passenger terminal building in the new terminal, they can experience a different feeling from the huge and efficient hub in the city. During the journey of a few days, they will forget the impression of the metropolis and enjoy the island. life. To this end, the architect explores the old possibility to express that a traffic building can be more closely integrated with the local context and presented in a more elegant way.