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New aproach





The site was originally an abandoned fishery ice factory. In the future, the B&B complex will continue the context of this site. The theme of “ice” called the fishery lifeline will be introduced into the design, creating a unique “ice” bar, using various types of The material is used as a metaphor to bring an unprecedented travel experience to each visitor.


The interior of the hotel rooms adopts rough mountain and stone walls, which echo the reef where the hotel is located, and stimulate the senses of tourists with primitive roughness. It’s like peeking into the sea in a cave formed by a reef.

项目地点 Location

舟山市 Zhoushan

项目类别 Category

建筑设计 Architecture,室内设计 Interior

用地面积 Site Area

1,169 sqm

建筑面积 Floor Area

1,704 sqm